Canada's largest mansion wasting away since 2009

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    What, no helipad?

    Incredible structure, hope someone finishes it.
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    F1nut wrote: »
    What, no helipad?

    Incredible structure, hope someone finishes it.

    I'll chip in a Benjamin.

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    I couldn't imagine feeding that fireplace on a cold Canadian winter night.
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    Gotta admit, I haven't seen a house yet where you drive your boat INTO the house to dock it in its own garage. 2 pools and 6 stories? Wow. Jesse, it looks like they have enough room for a heliport in one of those photos. If not, one could sure land one on the rest of the acreage it has.

    The article states that it would cost 1 million Canadian dollars to complete it. That estimate is way too low now.

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    At first glance, it reminded me of this:

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    Send in the team from This Old House or Holmes on Homes! 2 of of my fav shows BTW....