Musical Fidelity Phonostages - WAV file samples

jdjohn Posts: 2,358
This is not very scientific, but I've recorded the same track - Dire Straits, Love Over Gold - with two different Musical Fidelity phonostages. One is the MF Nu-Vista Vinyl, which retails for ~$3,000USD, and second is the MF MX-VNYL, which sells new for ~$800USD.

Here is a link to the MF Nu-Vista WAV file:

And this is the MX-VNYL sample:

I'm not trying to drive direction one way or the other, but perhaps exhibit the difference in sound, and relate it to the difference in price.

I would recommend using headphones for discerning differences in sound between these two files.

P.S. Turntable, tonearm, and cartridge were as follows:
Logic DM-101 turntable
Micro Seiki MA-505 tonearm (and corresponding MS headshell)
Grace F9 MM cartridge (with SoundSmith RS-9U line-contact replacement stylus)
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