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My first time to have a real radio with a F-connector. all other stereos they all had Spaghetti antennas and that sucks. So back to the story. I have a Sangean WR-11se radio and the stations are weak. I move the antenna around the bedroom and there was times when i can get a station in but weak or static badly. So i took the radio out to the shop. It's not a metal building just wood. The roof is a metal tin room like u see on house and buildings. Reconnecting the antenna that i got now, i located the station on the radio and moved the antenna around and could get a clear strong signal. Even on the portable CD player with a radio and it has a telescopic antenna and the same station comes in clear. So i can get the station in the shop and outdoor, but not in the room. Only electronics i have is my usual TV, Desktop, Laptop and a lap and fan. SO i looking for a good strong antenna that will bring in the signal. I can get signal but not much.


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    Indeed -- if you're serious about reception and if circumstances permit, an outdoor directional is the way to go.
    That said, not everyone's in a position to install an outdoor antenna, and/or can afford or rationalize the expense of a directional FM antenna & rotator.

    Here's the thing.
    Direction and altitude are your friends.
    FM reception is "line of sight". The higher the antenna, the better.
    A building or hill can block signal from a transmitter to your location.
    Here's a site that can help you discover where the transmitter(s) is (or are) that you want to listen to.

    There are omnidirectional antennas meant for outdoor installation. These can still be much better than the little wire that comes with a Sangean radio. You can mount the antenna in an attic,too, if you don't want it outside.

    I will note that lightning protection for an outside antenna is very important for safety and probably required by code in your location -- don't miss that point if you go with an outdoor antenna.

    There are "better" indoor antennas than the little wire you have. A plain old "T" style antenna (center-fed dipole) can do a good job if properly oriented -- they're kind of unsightly, though. A company called C. Crane sells one that is reputedly better than the 99 cent ones we all know... although I am not sure why ;) You can also make your own.

    Gotta go now -- hope this post & @pitdogg2's are helpful!