Polk Audio Monitor 4.6

I just purchased a pair of polk monitor 4.6 series2 speakers. When I opened the box they appear to be almost new. I am fine leaving the tweeters and woofers. Are there obvious circuitry updates that they may require?

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    Pictures or it didn't happen :D

    Only one resistor and one capacitor won't set you back a whole lot, even with stagflation.


    Check the Midwoofers (MWs) for voice coil rubbing and then listen to them awhile and test with some low frequency tones and if everything is fine, glue the magnet assemblies to prevent shifting and then mod the XO's and internal wiring would be my advice. I'd probably put an order in for a couple of RDO-198s while they are still available, which is the updated tweeter. There are other mods such as steel rings inside for the MWs, DnamatXtreme (or similar) to dampen the baskets, Armacell foam inside the baskets to help with backwave distortions, and Blackhole5 behind the MW's for same.