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I'm considering adding a CD player to my system as the price point on CDs is just so much better than vinyl and I already have a nice older CD collection. Different from vinyl, I know, but I'm keeping the turntable too. I like to own the albums I like most rather than rely on streaming.

Anyone have good recommendations for a CD spinner? I want to stay around $500 or less, used is okay. Looks like Marantz might have some good options. A DAC for other sources would be a nice-to-have, as would SACD compatibility. Not looking for transports.

Will be hooked up to Parasound Halo Integrated and LSIM705s. Thanks in advance for any ideas! Figure some people here will have models they like and can recommend to me.


  • Moose68Bash
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    If you can find a good, used Cambridge Audio Azur 840C CD player in your price range, it might "kill two birds with one stone." I used one in a system as both the principal source for spinning CDs and as a DAC for an iPod/iPad/iPhone dock. I was pleased with the sound.
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    I have a Pioneer DV 79 AV which does SACD and built very well IMO....not going anywhere soon.
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    Since the Halo Integrated amps have built in high rez DACs an option is to find an Oppo or equivalent universal Blu Ray player that’s reasonably priced. More options that way for CD, SACD, Blu Ray or DVD-A, DSD streaming, etc.
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    I second the Cambridge 840C (I have one), which got very good reviews (Absolute Sound Best Value):

    I've found it responds well to a good power cable, Dynamat inside the chassis, fuse upgrades, and isolation from vibration. The more of these improvements you make the more "analog-ish" it sounds. I prefer the sound of vinyl as well, but I switched over years ago due to the difficulty/cost of obtaining good pressings of many jazz recordings. It's an upsampling player but I use the "pass-though" mode as recommended by Douglas Schroeder's review:

    It also has a good DAC which I use to stream on occasion.

    You might have a tough time finding one for $500, and it seems that used gear scarcity has increased since the pandemic started.

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    Thank you for the suggestions, I will look into these. I was ruling out transports because I have a secondary system that does not have digital inputs, so I was thinking having the analog outs would make this piece more versatile for me. But maybe I should consider things like the Oppos with the understanding this will stay in my main system unless I purchase a standalone DAC.
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    I would suggest looking for a Marantz SA8004 or Marantz SA8005 SACD/CD player. Either can be used as a DAC, too. Both are made in Japan.

    I have the SA8005 and it sounds beautiful. I play the discs with analog out to an integrated amplifier.

    You should be able to find one of them around $600; just look for awhile. I've seen a few less than $600.

    Mine was mint at $600 with all original packaging and unused remote. @Clipdat has a SA8004 and his posts convinced me to buy the SA8005. At the time, I was looking at CD players only.

    Good luck.
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    A good used Marantz SA8001 would be something to look for.
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  • CottageChz
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    Looks like I will have to be patient looking for these options if I want to stay within my budget. I enjoy a good hunt though, I am going to keep an eye out for these models! Any other suggestions let me know, I appreciate the input so far!
  • Clipdat
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    These are supposedly good:

    Too bad no digital inputs though.
  • BlueFox
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    Another Sony option is the XA5400ES SACD player. I have one, and it still works great.
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  • Clipdat
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    Well you could sell yours to him since you don't spin discs anymore!
  • pitdogg2
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    Clipdat wrote: »
    These are supposedly good:

    Too bad no digital inputs though.

    Run away, I've had 3 of them. The lasers are terrible unreliable POS. Fantastic player when they work, well until the C13 code pops up and it plays NOTHING!
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  • CottageChz
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    erniejade wrote: »

    The price is right and looks to be in great shape. Thanks for the tip!
  • Clipdat
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    Yeah looks nice, just too bad that is one model before they added the USB/digital inputs.
  • CottageChz
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    Yeah, I did notice that this model does not have the inputs and the 8004 does. I decided I’m going to go for it anyway. It would be nice to have that feature, but I want it primarily for the CD player.
  • Clipdat
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    Fair enough. It looks to be in mint condition too which is nice. Enjoy!

    Also you can still use the front USB-A port to play back wav files from a thumb drive.
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    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Clipdat wrote: »
    These are supposedly good:

    Too bad no digital inputs though.

    Run away, I've had 3 of them. The lasers are terrible unreliable POS. Fantastic player when they work, well until the C13 code pops up and it plays NOTHING!

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