Can I hook a power amp to my PSW 404's and use the power amp rather the amp in the sub?

Hello... I have a Crown XLS 602 amp that I am considering driving my PSW 404's with. Is this possible or are there concerns in doing so?


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    I'm no expert but I did turn my stereo on today.

    Back to seriousness. I was given 2 Def. Tech BP7006 speakers a year or two ago because I found out the amps for the subs were blown or sporadic thumping whenever. I looked online and :o they were all dying. Def. Tech. had some and they were 175.00. Then they went up to 225.00. then they went up to 350.00 I think it was. I wasn't going to pay that much so I quit asking Def. Tech..

    I just looked at your amp on the web and I don't know. I posted it here for others to see the controls it has on the front and back.

    Below is close to what you're asking but a little different.

    I hooked the BP7006 speakers up to a Def. Tech. 15" sub after I disconnected the side subs' wires. They sounded Fantastic.

    But that defeated the purpose of the towers' design.

    SO, I thought about putting a dedicated sub amp to the subs' woofers. The woofers are still good. I have 2 sub amps and I have yet to wire them up this way. I feel the volume of the subs will somehow have to cooperate with the volume going to the speakers.

    I also think a receiver that has a sub volume control feeding the sub/s new amps will work just fine.

    I hope to hear these BP7006's sound like they were when they were new. The reviews are almost all super positive until their sub amps fail.

    I loved them mated to that 15" Def. Tech sub.

    I'd hope others will give advice to that have replaced blown/defective subwoofer amps with another altogether different amps.

    Now Parts express has new replacement sub amps of all sizes and power. They might have a size and price that would make bringing the Polk PSW404 back to life.

    Good Luck. ;)
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