Rotel rc-1082

DaveHo Posts: 3,435
Long shot, but does anyone have or had one of these? There's one available locally that I'm kicking around taking a look at. This would be for my shop system which is an ever revolving door of gear. Not much to be found on the web about it, other than a positive TAS review from many years ago. I feel the seller is a bit high at their $350 asking price, but again not much to go on.


    ZLTFUL Posts: 5,611
    Price is high. $300 in mint condition is reasonable. $250 in average shape would be realistic.

    The RC-1082 is standard Rotel fair...nice build quality, decent components, nice neutral sound.
    It's a solid stereo pre that doesn't really blow your socks off but also doesn't do anything wrong at all.

    Manual here:

    HTGuide has several first hand experiences with it in various posts.

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