Marantz AVR as a DAC?

Just bought an Apple MacBook Air (M1). I have the Tidal Hifi subscription.

Would connecting and running the audio through my MacBook (wired) improve sound from AirPlay? I think I can get "Masters" quality from the Tidal Computer app.

AVR: Marantz SR 5011
L/ R: Polk Audio 703 LSiM (Bi Amp'd)
C: Polk Audio 255c - LS
R: Def Tech
Sub: PSW 505 (12 inch)
DVD: Oppo UDP 203
TV: 2016 Sony XBR 75X850D


  • CottageChz
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    Please disregard earlier comment. Yes, wired should be an improvement versus Airplay I’d think. Would this be via USB through a dongle? Don’t the new MacBook Airs only have USB-C ports?

    I think Airplay is supposed to be decent quality as far as wireless goes (supposed to be better than Bluetooth). I’m sure there are others here much more knowledgeable on the subject.