SDA crossover parts needed-nylon standoff

Does anyone have some of the white nylon standoff used to secure the crossover circuit board to the large inductor coil? A friend has a set of SDA 2B , he wants to do a crossover rebuild , most of his nylon standoff are broke. I think he said he will need at least six(6).
Or maybe someone knows of a source for a suitable replacement. Thanks in advance.
SDA 1C (wood)- Vr3 crossovers/ Gimpod board's, Larry's rings, RDO194 tweeters, Dynamat. Updated terminal cup and binding posts. Custom IC by Vr3 with Neutrik connectors. SDA 2B(studio)- SonicCraft crossovers(TL mod), RD0-198 tweeters. Hurricane nuts, DynaMat and JB Weld.