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Check out our Installation Showcase:

Do you want to see your car pictured on this web site? Then send your photos (72dpi or better jpg or color prints-no slides or negatives), equipment list, and name of installer (if a store, send name of store and address) and any other information you think we should have to:

Polk Audio
5601 Metro Dr.
Baltimore, MD 21215
ATTN: Justin Bright


Contact us via email here:

Uhhh, by the way this is a Polk Audio web site so we will publish ONLY cars with Polk Audio gear. We reserve the right to decide which cars are published and which are not. And no, we will not send your photos back to you so you better send copies

Polk Audio
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  • MTXMANMTXMAN Posts: 682
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    man, i need to get my system tweaked so we have a saturn represented lol
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  • exalted512exalted512 Posts: 10,796
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    i dont think they have any GMC vehicles either:(
    all i see is this ford escape and civic crap...i mean cars
    the WRXs are sweet though!
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  • neomagus00neomagus00 Posts: 3,909
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    looks like i'll have to rep sweden here... :D
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  • MacLeodMacLeod Posts: 14,365
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    No Dodge Rams either. If my system were more impressive Id submit it but Im afraid its just too humble. :(
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  • neomagus00neomagus00 Posts: 3,909
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    bull... i have 4 speakers, an amp, and a decent HU, and i'm layin it all down, u should too!
    It's not good, very fundamentally simply not good. - geolemon

    "Its not good enough until we have real-time fearmongering. I want my fear mongered as it happens." - Shizelbs
  • coldrealmscoldrealms Posts: 46
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    My satty will soon be joining that install page ( as soon as i finish my spare tire well install.)
    I guess the race is on MTXman :D
  • Kschultz76Kschultz76 Posts: 59
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    Maybe I should take some pics of the Oldsmobile to help GM's representation!! HAHA.

    - Kevin
  • PoweredByDodgePoweredByDodge Posts: 4,183
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    If i have my way - sooner or later there'll be a Mustang Mach 1 in my driveway (the ONLY ford vehicle i would choose to own - if only for its 70's nostalgic throwbacks) - we'll see what we can do with that.
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  • exalted512exalted512 Posts: 10,796
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    has anyone tried effin with your truck lately?
    can you get the stang at cost? or?
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  • PoweredByDodgePoweredByDodge Posts: 4,183
    edited September 2004
    nobody gets anything "at cost"... you get a big old rebate --- in most cases, on a 20 - 30 thousand dollar vehicle it's about 4 - 7 grand... then you get coupons as u work longer... 200, 500, sometimes 1,000 dollar off coupons...

    add it all up, if you do it right and only do it once every 2 years, you can swing getting a 35 thousand dollar vehicle for 20 combining the discount, coupons, and normal sales events. but nobody is that shrewd cept a few.

    far as the truck - it's been left alone - it commands respect to a certain extent.

    far as the mach 1 - i just wanted one, but they wouldn't get me as much off as i wanted (less than 2 grand off sticker) -- there are only like 2 left that are NEW new in the new york, ohio, PA area... meaning they're not 6 month old trade in's or anything like that.... they only made the car in small numbers and for model 2004 year... they're not making any 05's... and never made an 03.... so they're hard to find... only one of the 2 new ones is a stick shift - and its not the color i wanted... and the guy basically said "hey' its a mach one, there aren't many left, we're not cutting any huge deals because we'd have to buy it from another dealer, which cuts our profit, and we're only giving you 8 grand for your truck which you paid almost 17 grand for 4 months ago and which also has about 6 - 7 grand worth of accessories installed on it." keep in mind i have 10 grand left to pay on the truck... so i'd actually be better off just buying hte mustang outright instead of trading in the truck.

    so - plan B -- make the power wagon faster, stronger, and better looking than a mach 1 --- this shall be done --- some day --- before i die.

    motor is built, electrical system / body control module is in - dropped all the way back down to stock height...

    comin together nicely...

    vroom.. vroom... vroom
    "With your own attitude it is hard to survive here... But who gives a damn, we are here to change the world, and we dont need a password for that."
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  • exalted512exalted512 Posts: 10,796
    edited September 2004
    so when r u taking it mudding?:D
    Music is like candy, you have to get rid of the rappers to enjoy it
  • 99greensc199greensc1 Posts: 13
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    Thank god..i'm not the only person with a saturn wanting to post pics on here. As soon as I get more money and do my whole system the way I want it, then I will be sending, but it may be a few months or more.
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  • SystemsSystems Posts: 14,999
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    ok. look this answer, ===>
  • g-mang-man Posts: 46
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    Originally posted by neomagus00
    looks like i'll have to rep sweden here... :D

    Do you own a blue BMW with all MOMO gear..?
    I think that was the car who won the European championship..?

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  • PoweredByMAZDA!PoweredByMAZDA! Posts: 15
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    Man I have to add pictures of PoweredByDodge's install In PoweredbyMAZDA!'s vehicle here....!
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  • PoweredByDodgePoweredByDodge Posts: 4,183
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    heh heh heh heh.... ya your truck's probably the cleanest job i ever did. simple and sweet - but clean as hell.
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  • daniel_paul_daniel_paul_ Posts: 189
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    Ignore me. :rolleyes:
  • audioblissaudiobliss Posts: 12,634
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    Jstas wrote: »
    Simple question. If you had a cool million bucks, what would you do with it?
    Wonder WTF happened to the rest of my money.
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  • 98thumpin98thumpin Posts: 649
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    i didnt see a crowm vic either im going to have a polk db212-2 and polk db570's and db 690's
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  • badboyspackbadboyspack Posts: 10
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    need some older body Fox style Mustangs
  • ThomThom Posts: 723
    edited November 2006
  • ThomThom Posts: 723
    edited November 2006
  • icky4icky4 Posts: 27
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    Man, there are some sweet installs here! Love to check these out!
  • SystemsSystems Posts: 14,999
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    I'd post a few pics but I curreently have no Polk in my system. I have a friend who is a distributor for Memphis Audio and has given me some killer deals over the past year. I collected everything for this systen for over a year and finally got around to installing last weekend. The head unit took the longest to decide on. Its all packed into a 2005 Dodge Ram 4X4. It all runs down like this:

    Pioneer DEH-P880PRS
    Memphis Audio BIG Belle ([email protected] - [email protected])
    Memphis Audio 16-MCA3004 ([email protected])
    Memphis Audio M Class 6 1/2" Components Front & Rear (Bi-Amp'd)
    Memphis Audio M Class 12" 2 Times Under Rear Seats
    Audio Controls Crossovers
    Tsunami IC's
    Various Other Wiring and BS
    LOTS of Dynamat

    I have an Audi R8 on order and I think that unit will see some Polk equipment being installed. I was hoping to lean a little more toward a competition system when I start aquiring equipment for this ride. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • KineticKinetic Posts: 437
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    i dont have a lot, but im building a enclosure for my SR sub, its going to be a little bit artistic, so i would probably send some pics of that, in a few weeks
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  • addiktaddikt Posts: 36
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    can we email pics as some of us r from australia
  • ROOGER82ROOGER82 Posts: 30
    edited September 2008
    Well i just recently finished my trunk setup....but there is already a really nice RX-8 on the site. Guess ill post anyways...since mine is a little less show and a little more subtle.
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  • Tj-RatTj-Rat Posts: 6
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    well i dont see any mercedes... im going to post mine when i get my system probably by the end of the year :)
  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,489
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    I can't wait.
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  • HamstermanHamsterman Posts: 13
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