Worse CS Ever, Tech did not know the system


I had the worse customer tech service. I was given a Polk Magnifi Max Sr system for Christmas by my wife. I called tech support because every time I would press the volume buttons, the system would turn off. The tech suggested press/hold the reset button, and I did so. Afterwards he was repeating a suggestion which does not exist.

The tech support suggested Polk Magnifi Max Sr soundbar had TWO ARC plugs. I stated, the system has 3 HDMI Inputs, and 1 HDMI (ARC) output along with 1 Optical and 1 AUX cable inputs.

He was repeatedly saying the cable and tv cables be plugged into the system soundbar labelled HDMI ARC. I told him there was only ONE plug labelled ARC, which the diagram and soundbar state goes to the TV. He would agree then say the cable has to plug into the ARC plug. I would say there is only one ARC and not two, and say the TV has to be plugged into 1 of the 3 HDMI cable inputs. But did not listen and insisted both be plugged in into the ARC plug. I suggested the cable be plugged into the soundbar labelled input 1 and the TV plugged into the soundbar system plug labelled HDMI ARC output. But he said this was wrong and they both had to be plugged into the two ARC plugs.

So I suggest to remove all cables from the soundbar and start fresh. I stated, "the HDMI cable that is plug into the TV where do you want this cable plugged in?" He said where it is labelled ARC. So I did so. Then I asked "the HDMI cable that is plugged into the cable, where do you want that plugged into?" He would say where it is labelled ARC. I would say there is NO second spot saying ARC in the soundbar but 3 labelled HDMI inputs. "Would you like me to plug the cable into one of these?" He said no, plug it into the one labelled ARC. I said I can not because it is already taken up by the cable coming from the TV. He would say plug it into the input labelled ARC.

After 20 minutes of going back and forth, I asked to be transferred to another tech who may help and said they were not allowed to. Then he hung up on me.

This has frustrated me so much that I am returning the system. If I can't get a tech who knows the system, I might as well call the zoo and ask the monkeys to help. It is so disappointed.


  • I can certainly understand your frustration. Let me ask a friend at Polk to contact you via email. Hang in there he is a dedicated problem solver.
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    Honestly I don't know why anyone thinks it's necessary to pass digital video through something other than the TV (which degrades the picture). Maybe your TV is different but mine has 3 HDMI inputs. I use one for cable and one for DVD THEN pass the digital audio signal from the TV to your audio source via optical or digital coax (best). Preferably an AVR with a decent DAC but I'm assuming you are using a soundbar as your only audio out to replace the lame speakers the TV provides which is better than nothing.

    If everything goes into your TV then all you have to do is change the source on the TV Your audio never changes.
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