Got the urge to DIY, kit-build, or rehab/resto-mod? Scared to solder?

Doc Bottlehead is on Youtube to help!
Soldering's not hard but it is scary to some folks, so it's nice to have something to point to that might be helpful.

Now, in full disclosure, I haven't watched this - yet - but I have a fair amount of faith in Dan "Doc B" Schamalle, so I am taking the risk of sharing the link without having reviewed it.

I'll certainly offer critique if I discover oddness to it!


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    Have man hands?
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    Clipdat wrote: »
    Have man hands?

    No silly! Wear purple!
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    Is that cubic zirconia?!
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    This seems to be a trend. Check out all these photos of women soldering properly:

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    One time I accidently dropped my soldering iron and out of instinct caught it... on the end they are holding with a smile...

    I had blisters the next day from that point 5 second catch!
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    I hesitate to comment cause he did a great job but I have a couple of thoughts.

    More tip cleaning. If the solder isn't flowing nicely on the tip it doesn't usually flow in the joint either. Cleaning the oxides off your solder doesn't hurt.

    Move the object around so you can see and easily reach the place you want to solder.

    Don't bend the leads over so much on through hole assembly. The solder flows better and you don't have to bend the leads again to trim them.

    Demonstrating on camera can cramp your style, overall he hit the key points and provided a good example.
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    VR3 wrote: »
    One time I accidently dropped my soldering iron and out of instinct caught it... on the end they are holding with a smile...

    I had blisters the next day from that point 5 second catch!

    You too huh? I will tell you very loud colorful language immediately burst forth from my mouth ....
    You win I'm sure I didn't hold it 5 seconds
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    I was gonna post that first soldering lady stock image but I was runnin' off to choir practice, so I am glad that y'all checked that box -- and then some! :)

    I've had some soldering experiences...
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    Burning yourself goes with the territory. In my case at least ! :)
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    Long, long ago on audiokarma one of the regulars posted a photo of a solder blob incident that impacted his bare, hairy leg -- sticking out of a bathrobe, if memory serves. Or maybe he was wearing shorts.
    At any rate, to this day (AFAIK) the DIY section at AK has an admonition to the effect of "always wear pants while soldering".

    Words to live by.

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    That's right there with

    "Do not look into laser with remaining eye"*

    *says the guy who dripped solder on a bare foot.
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    In my day ;) there was a professor in the Biophysics Dep't at... well, you know where... named Francis "Spike" Carlson. He worked with lasers when lasers were still pretty esoteric -- he also had profoundly poor vision. I don't know if it was causation or correlation, but it was striking.
  • My "worst soldering" story happened to a friend at work one day. It was at least partially my fault. I stopped by his shop to grab him for a smoke break as he was about to sit down with his next soldering project. We worked in a large electronics repair facility and he was trained as a solder tech. He had just grabbed a large circuit that needed a massive cap removed and replaced. 1 farad or more, it was huge.

    As we walked out we joked about how much it would suck to find out that the cap was not discharged the hard way. I really meant to remind him on the way back in, but I forgot all about it. Apparently so did he. I rushed back to remind him and he was laying on the ground. Apparently that cap knocked him out of his chair.

    He was fine after a min or two, but he was sent to the hospital to get checked out non the less. It was scary for sure.
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    I watched about 4hrs worth of soldering tutorials on YouTube before I completely screwed up my SRS boards. I’m NOT doing it again. LOL
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    I love the intro...Doc Bottlehead, double-oh 12AX7!
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    If not wearing pants, best to stand when soldering. :D Also, I'm glad Doc covered for best results with electronics, use rosin core, not acid core solder. :)
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    SCompRacer wrote: »
    If not wearing pants, best to stand when soldering. :D Also, I'm glad Doc covered for best results with electronics, use rosin core, not acid core solder. :)

    In the good old DIY/kitbuilding days (1950s and 60s) a middle-class suburban tinkerer might grab whatever solder he (in those days, usually "he" :/ ) had handy. Acid core solder is not a good thing for electronics. :/
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    :p:p:p All of those pictures are hilarious!

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