Polk magniFI MAXSR- popping and cracking sounds coming from sub-woofer

Recently purchased this system and I am quite pleased. The sub-woofer puts off these cracking and popping sounds while in use. It was getting annoying. Thinking that it may be getting some power surges being plugged into a power strip, I moved the plug to a direct wall outlet. This seemed to helped, but am still getting an occasional pop and and snap.

Any suggestions


  • Hey idk if you figured this issue out or not. But I know from my own experience that it could be many things unfortunately. Did you

    I'm just assuming this is a home audio system not a car audio system. If I'm incorrect please let me know

    -Check your wires to make sure they were connected good also if wires are older replace them

    -Also the system might be to overpowered for the sub. Sending more then it can produce. Try tuning the EQ

    -It could also be an issue on the board. Such has a blown diode
    . I'm that case I would probably just return it or if you want to install a new diode yourself. If you do use multimeter to test for blown diode

    Hope this helps reply and lmk if you fix the issue
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