Grundig Majestic Console

Cool 1960 toy. Doesn't look that bad for its age.

Big price. Has what appears all the original papers and goodies. Dual chassis design.
Wonder what's on the 1965 reel labeled Washington DC?

Can't believe what people are bidding for vintage stuff these days :o


  • kevhed72
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    Yup...I am on a couple FB vintage stereo pages and some of the prices are unreal for stuff in pretty shabby shape.
  • F1nut
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  • aprazer402
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    The cool thing is the blue/green RTR tape reel!

    ^^^ Price too high!


    I have this same Pilot console in my garage waiting for a going over. It's exterior cabinet
    wood etc. is just as nice at this one. I like it's smaller size and style.
  • oldrocker
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    ^^ Nice.

    For a while I was chasing old consoles but ran out of room.
    Most are at my Daughters place, she loves em.

  • aprazer402
    aprazer402 Posts: 3,071
    edited December 2021
    Mine was free otherwise I probably wouldn't have ever acquired a console.

    My house was built in 1957. Hardwood floors on main... It will fit in nice even if
    I never use it.

    The MCM craze of the past few years may be driving up prices for these
    older consoles. Some were very nice, others not so.

    I've seen homes locally for sale, that were furnished with very nice MCM
    pieces and showed really nice. Strictly a matter of personal preference.
  • oldrocker
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    3 or 4 of the ones I got all came from either doing the estate appraisal or general downsizing.

    Alot of neat goodies out there most people don't have the pleasure of seeing.

  • TroyD
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    That's crazy money.....but, the market for those things seems to be on the uptick. Was a time, that was 50 bucks. Tops. Even if it was full of good Telefunken fact, I think Doro had a Telefunken unit in his carport for PF 2005......I've got an old Capehart that I was going to refurb but it's just a cabinet at this point....
    I plan for the future. - F1Nut