Looking for 1 pair tsi100s in cherry.

Looking for tsi100s in cherry to match my tsi400s.


  • Hi, I have TSi500's for my front speakers in cherry and CSi/A6 in cherry for my center and TSi200 in BLACK....only because I couldn't find a retailer that offers them in cherry. I am fed up with Polk audio's customer service and their way of placating the owners of their products! I honestly don't think that they ever made them in cherry. That applies to the 100's and the 200's. Good luck finding something that doesn't exist. Hope that helps you.
  • Hi..today just bought a pair of tsi 100s in cherry for $120 open box on accessories4less.com..they arrived with no issues so far..but only get a 2yr warranty..also saw some on ebay but the condition was questionable..I need to delete my wtb post..