LOOKING FOR: Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 integrated amp

Dear Gerres26 e.o.

Is there anyone out there (or someone you know) who wants to sell me this amp, in good working condition of course ?

I am also interested in the associated SACD player, even if it is (as well known) not operative at the moment.

Since I live in the Netherlands 220V power supply is mandatory

Thanks and best regards,

Maarten Hoekstra
Nijmegen (Gelderland)
The Netherlands

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  • mohoekstra
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    Dear F1nut

    I bought the MF Tri-Vista 300 amp, even better: I can choose between two. Enfin, luxury problem! ;-)

    the umbilical cords by Brad: significantly better sound ? But this refers to current- (amperes) transmission, not Analoge-Audio-signal transmission... Can improved current-transmission lead to hearable better sound ? Do I get the point ?