Wireworld Equinox 7 Jumpers

I purchased a set of Equinox 7 speaker cables a couple years back and started looking for a used set of matching jumpers. I just realized that after a short time, I forgot to keep an eye out for a set of these on the used market. If anyone wanted to upgrade to something further up the chain, I'm your huckleberry for taking these off your hands.


  • tonyb
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    How are the ends terminated ?
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    They come with spades &/or bananas. On my speaker cables, they unscrew and are interchangeable. They call them "Uni-Term Interchangeable Termination System". I'm not sure if the jumpers have interchangeable ends, but my speaker cables came with spare bananas and spades, so I can change out the ends to work with either jumper configuration. They come silver or gold plated. Mine are silver.

    When the 8 series came out, I don't know if they made changes to the jumpers like they did with the speaker cables, but here is a link to the Equinox jumpers they sell now.