Sound quality at shows

Is mostly terrible. Been going to alot of shows since things have opened up. Metal acts are typically the worst. Bass from the drums pretty much drowns everything out. I'm older and more sensible than I used to be, so I wear ear plugs. That helps with being able to hear the vocals, but it's still pretty bad. At least the folks manning the board at this week's Slipknot show boosted the vocals after the first couple songs, but damn! It's hard to be an audiophile at shows these days.


  • HzTweaker
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    Of course it has a lot to do with the venue and the genre of music you're going to see. Also how much experience the engineer has. I wear earplugs at indoor shows and some times at outdoor shows. Mostly depends on how close I am from the PA at OD shows.
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  • tophatjohnny
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    It’s never been more than a hit or miss! I Just go to lay my eyes on the artist for it may be the last time every time I do ! If it sounds great I call that a bonus !
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  • pitdogg2
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    I remember as a youth, we judged a great concert by how many days later our ears stopped ringing. Boy was we ignorant of the damage being inflicted on our ears. About 25 yrs. ago I stopped leaving my ears "naked" and started wearing ear plugs, some of the better concerts I'd take them out just to see how it sounded, they didn't stay out long. Even with 28db ear plugs a few concerts still made my ears ring or feel very fatigued afterwards or even the next day.
  • dromunds
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    Depends on the band. Bob Dylan usually has top notch sound crew, many others do like Neil Young comes to mind. Depends on venue though, you can out lip stick on a pig but … Last time I saw The Stones about five years ago the sound sucked. But every other time I saw them the sound was excellent. Often a sound crew can improve the sound within the first few songs even tho theyve done a sound check