Will a surge protector help to reduce static noise?

I currently have a Polk Audio Omni A1 Amp attached to my computer via an audio jack. There is a constant dull hum from my speakers (Polk Audio TSi 220). It is often quiet as I work, so the noise gets annoying.

I did some normal trouble shooting of cleaning the ports, removing dust and made sure all connections are tight. I currently have no power protection, the amp is just plugged into the wall.

Will a surge protector help to reduce the noise?

Thinking a Panamax Power360 6 Outlet Wall Charging Station.

AVR: Marantz SR 5011
L/ R: Polk Audio 703 LSiM (Bi Amp'd)
C: Polk Audio 255c - LS
R: Def Tech
Sub: PSW 505 (12 inch)
DVD: Oppo UDP 203
TV: 2016 Sony XBR 75X850D

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  • jdjohn
    jdjohn Posts: 2,179
    You could try a ground-lifting adapter plug:
    They're cheap and easy to find. That would be the first thing I'd try.

    The hum could be coming through the audio jack from your computer. Have you thought about using the wi-fi on the Omni A1 instead of the cable?
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