In need of some decent customer service in the UK

Hi all.

I'm new to this forum and was reading through a couple of threads about the shocking CS service with Polk. I can confirm it's the same in the UK.

I waited for two weeks for a product enquiry on Facebook. Other enquiries that were answered a little quicker were just unacceptable responses (I won't labour on the content).

I'm trying to find out how to reduce the Alexa voice volume on toy React soundboard - awesome product btw. Problem is, Alexa and any voice announcement is driving my family mad and more importantly my neighbours. Its about +15% decibels above normal volume.

I read that other forum members have been reaching out due to terrible CS or just a plain lack of it. I haven't bothered trying UK CS or Europe CS due to the issues I've had before. Just though USA CS should and would be better.

Kim Jasper, Head of CS name came up as a contact but I can't find a way to get in touch with him. Anyone on here know of a way? Could do with some help.

Here hoping for some help.