Boston Acoustics VS 260 speakers & stands

Rare set of Boston Acoustics VS 260 bookshelf speakers in an elegant black piano lacquer finish. The drivers are made by SB Acoustics and the cabinets are curved to reduce standing waves and resonance. Also included are a set of 9Horn S7 sculpted high gloss stands. Great condition, grills, and original boxes included. $550, I'm in NW Indiana.

I posted about acquiring these back in April:

The only reason I'm selling is because these will be replaced with the towers! I finally found a set.




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    nice looking! GLWTS
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    SIHAB wrote: »
    nice looking! GLWTS

    Thanks, I would love to hear these connected to your Benchmark system.
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    Man those are gorgeous! I’ve also long long wanted to try a pair, but your a wee bit too far away 😂.

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    Congrats on the towers; they sound great. Beautiful bookshelves too; GLWTS