Striking out on RDO 194 tweeters

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Longtime vintage Polk Audio fan and just now revisiting The Forum. Just acquired my Holy Grail vintage polks. A pristine set of SDA SRS 2.3 speakers. Attempting to upgrade the 6 tweeters as the sl2000 is a bit bright for my taste. I have four I took from my SDA 1C 'S but am striking out on the last two needed to complete the upgrade. Everyone seems to be out of stock. Any suggestions as to where to find a pair would be much appreciated.

Thank you

PS. I placed the four RDO 194s I had in the second and third position leaving the sl2000 at the top in the interim. Is that okay or will mixing tweeters cause damage?


  • Emlyn
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    Looks like the EBay sources are out of stock now.
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    I believe the top tweeter is the most attenuated so the sl2000 in the top would be the best place for it.

    I'd try to get 6 more when and if you can.

    Just to be safe
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    Thanks. I'm certainly trying
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    Speaker Exchange says, "Factory backorder", so maybe more are coming.
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