VSX-1122-K has no sound after loud pop.

Logi98 Posts: 5
I have a VSX-1122-K, A/V Receiver. Not sure if speaker wires touched or over driven. There was a loud pop and now NO SOUND. Not even a hiss. Every thing seems to be working. Tried a factory reset and still no sound. Where should I start troubleshooting. I have the electronic tools and ability. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.


  • Logi98
    Logi98 Posts: 5
    Sorry, I did not mention its a Pioneer. Also, I have removed the pcb's looking for blown parts/traces and found no obvious damage.
  • F1nut
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    Check the output relays.
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  • Logi98
    Logi98 Posts: 5
    Thanks for your speedy response. I did check out the L & R spk'er relay coil. All the relay coils were ok. I haven't checked the contacts for closing due to the unit layout and disassembly. I'll try attaching wires to verify operation. This "no sound" affects all the speaker arrangements. Thank You.
  • SeleniumFalcon
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    I found this on the 'net:

    Resetting the system
    Switch the receiver into standby.
    While holding down ENTER on the. front panel, press u STANDBY/ON. The display shows RESET c NO d.
    Select 'RESET' using PRESET k/l, then press ENTER on the front panel. The display shows RESET? OK.
    Press ENTER to confirm.
  • Logi98
    Logi98 Posts: 5
    Thank You for the info. I'll give that a try after re-assembling the unit. However, I have already tried a "factory reset" but will try your procedures. Thanks again. I took the unit apart to attach lead wires on the relays. I can hear them clunking but don't know which one. Also, I'am making a schematic of the L & R speaker circuit while its apart. I haven't been able to track down an actual schematic on this model. Thanks for your help.
  • Logi98
    Logi98 Posts: 5
    Still troubleshooting on this unit. The +5 vdc, +12, -12, 116 vdc and the 161 vdc check good. Due to the mechanical design, I am not able to get into/inside the pcb's to track these voltages. Tried removing the back wall that all connectors, plug-in's, ect are grounded to and using jumper wires for pcb grounding purposes. Don't know what wasn't grounded but got an oscillation or slight motorboating sound from speaker. That told me there was a ground/filter problem. The unit seemed to try cycling on/off. re-installed back wall and now back to the NO SOUND output problem. Tried reverse engineering a schematic but it appears all the pcb's are interconnected so I'am running into a "loop" thing. Any advice is appreciated.
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