Trouble getting Signa S2 to pair with Dish Hopper 3 remote

I don’t know if you can help me, but a friend recommended I contact you to help me setup my Polk sound bar. I actually had it working once, but it has since stopped working from the Dish remote. It works using the Polk remote, but doesn’t turn on and off using the Dish remote. I’m using the optical cable, but have had it working via the HDMI ARC cable. What am I doing wrong? When I go to settings/remote on Dish and select “audio accessory/Polk” it asks for a pairing code. I can’t find one. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. This has me stumped.


  • SeleniumFalcon
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    Usually that type of issue is solved by going into the TV's setup instructions and selecting the "ARC" function on.
  • lazyace13
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    Here is what I did and it works perfectly. Thank you so much Kim Jasper. Try resetting the bar by unplugging the power connection while the bar is on and playing. Leave it off for5 minutes then reboot it. I would recommend connecting it using the HDMI cable connected to the TV's HDMI (ARC) port. Do this while the TV and bar are turned off.
    The ARC connection will control the bar and all my problems are solved.
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    Kim to the rescue once again!
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