Minimum of 25 posts before we can post in Garage Sale???

I've been a member of several car audio forums over the years but this is the first one I've seen where you have to have a minimum number of posts to buy or sell something. I find it a bit controlling. I didn't come here to buy or sell, I just happened to stumble upon this forum in a Google search of my PA-D10001 mono amp. I didn't even know Polk had a forum! So just finding this forum today, I scrolled through it and responded to 3 posts, hoping to share a little of what I've learned in the 45 years I've been around car audio. I'm 62 years old, so yes, I was 17 when I installed my first car stereo, and I've never looked back. Lately I've tried to stimulate the economy by investing much of those first 3 stimulus checks in car audio. I've been on a never-ending (until now) quest to go one step better in equipment. This year was the first time I've spend over $200 on a car amp, over $50 on tweeters, over $150 on a head unit, over $100 on full-range speakers, and so on. Because I can afford it lately, working 7 days a week most of the time, plus being on social security, then send a few bonus stimulus checks at me and yes, I'll invest in things I could never afford. Well, many people know that sometimes you buy something that you're just not 100% happy with, or it's not what you expected, or you find it doesn't fit where you were going to install it. Of course, it's all brand new stuff, so you hate to toss it, so naturally you sell it. Sure, you take a loss, but you at least try to get some of your money back. I've sold so much different brand new, unopened, unused car audio stuff in the last few months that I've lost count. So, when I found this forum, then happened to see there was a thread for buying, selling and trading, I was excited. I have a few pieces I'm not going to use, and they're just sitting on a shelf in unopened boxes. But because of someone believing it makes a big difference how many posts you have made in a forum before you can sell something, it might be a long while before I post here! This stuff will be gone before I post 25 posts. I have a life, a job, and a car stereo to upgrade. I don't have time to sit online and post comments all day long. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace work just fine, and you don't have to have a minimum amount of sales before you can use their services. Whoever came up with this crazy idea about a minimum amount of posts might want to rethink their reasoning. It just makes no sense. I've been a member of The12Volt forum for 11 years and only have 76 posts/comments. So I can only imagine how long it will take to reach 25 posts in THIS forum! Just my opinion, which really doesn't count since this is only my 4th post.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    There's very good reasons we have the minimum post count.
    1. We get to know you
    2. Many first timers have came in and sold junk or ripped members off buying.

    Let me ask you this.
    If I just out of the blue stopped by your house and tried to sell you something would you even open the door?

    How about IF you're selling something would you meet me in a parking lot away from home or invite me to your house and into your home?

    We are a very close group of friends who travel great distance to meet up and have a get together. Stick around

    What was it you're trying to buy?


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    Last time I checked it was 100 posts to Ivan @pitdogg2 states, it’s mainly to protect forum members and also provide a nice little bonus for those of us who regularly contribute and know each other.

    I preferred it when you had to have 100 posts to even SEE the flea market, but when they took that barrier out I voted for 100 posts to sell, who gets to buy is up to the seller since anyone on google can see it...
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    Well said @pitdogg2 and @rooftop59!

    Harry / Marietta GA
  • Jstas
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    The Garage Sale part of the forum was geared towards car audio when the forum was way more active. The post count back then was low and the reason the Garage Sale forum exists is because folks trying to unload car audio gear were getting lost in the firehose that used to be the Flea Market. So Polk created the Garage Sale section so the car audio people had a better chance of being seen and not badgered by home audio people.

    But the entire car audio section has been pretty dormant for a number of years now and trying to sell something here is going to be a lesson in long term patience.

    But, honestly, if the post count restriction makes no sense to you then you don't get it. The original post count restriction was to avoid people coming in and trying to undercut Polk's dealers by buying wholesale and selling direct to customers and undercutting Polk's dealer network. It has the added benefit of protecting the community too. The Flea Market and Garage Sale sections were set up by Polk so "club" members could easily and safely exchange gear in personal sales. It was never intended for wholesalers and closeout listers to pummel the forum with stuff. About the only thing I've ever seen slide is when someone had a non-competing product, like a cable/wire company, and was offering a Club Polk specific discount. Even then, it was met with caution because Polk was protecting their dealer network. Anyone that even had the smell of a flipper or wholesaler was handled quickly.

    So if you don't like it, take it up with Polk Audio but I'll bet their answer is still going to be the same. They might even make the Garage Sale section more restrictive because now that it's been exposed as not to the same standard as the Flea Market, it's going to have to be updated so that gear leeches don't use it to get around the Flea Market restrictions.

    I appreciate that you're just trying to unload some gear that you have sitting around, unused, in a place where people might appreciate it more. Thing is, though, unless it's vintage Polk Audio Cer Stereo gear from, like, the old Mobile Monitor line or the first dB line, the DX line or some of the real esoteric stuff from the early to mid-90's, you're not going to get much interest since anything newer than the MOMO stuff is still readily available in lots of places. Aside from that, nobody here is interested in helping you recover your costs for a purchase you made and are dissatisfied with. Most gear sold here comes with a "Club Polk Discount" and is listed under fair market value because it's members helping out members. You're not a member and actively railing against the forum rules because they don't fit your personal agenda. That's not winnin' you friends and influencin' people here. You're probably just better off hitting craigslist or eBay.

    I'd tell you to stick around and participate some, it's not hard to hit the post count if you have even half a personality and a 6th grade vocabulary. Hell, you just get in to 1 argument with someone here and you got your post count slammed out in a weekend but given the hissy fit you just presented over something you don't know about or understand, I don't think you'd enjoy your time here.
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    Okay, it all makes sense. Some answers too long to read, but I'm sure they had the same explanation. I just found it weird but that was before I stopped to think about the reasons. Yes, I'm new here, but not new to Polk Audio products. Maybe if I introduce myself a little and give other members a little info about me, my post count can slowly go up. I only have a few things to sell anyway, but since I hate shipping stuff I'd probably be better off putting them on the local craigslist. Just pulled out my Nakamichi amp and and the Rockville powered sub plus the Alpine head unit, but my buddy bought the head unit. So not enough to sell to make a big fuss anyway. Sorry. I was just in "newbie shock".
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    25 posts?? I thought it was a hundred?? I personally don’t even respond to messages coming from people that slide on in here and try to buy gear I put up for sale! I may be shooting myself in the foot but desperate I am not to sell to a stranger when the deals I offer are always well below where they should be and proud enough of what I sell here that keeping it in our community would Always be my first choice but sure doesn’t suck when my gear sells elsewhere for more money !! Just sayin😀
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    I didn't even know Polk had a forum!
    They don't.