Lsim 705 vs Reserve tower

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I thinking about looking for a pair of used lsim 705 in the $1200 range to build a HT around. Would it make more sense to get one of the new reserve towers? How do they compare?


  • Emlyn
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    If it's a choice based on a spending limit between the R500 at $1200 and a pair of LSiM 705s at $1200 I'd get the LSiMs. If you're thinking about spending more on the R700s I'd go for those instead.

    Both lines can be used together but the new Reserve lineup sounds a little more open than the previous line.
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  • windstriker
    windstriker Posts: 130
    I think my max is 1500 for speakers. But ya i think ill keep a eye out for a pair of 705s or 707s. Showed my wife a pic of the lsims and reserves. The reverses got a meh on the waf scale where as the cherry gets a that looks nice on the waf scale. Kinda wish i could get more the a meh for my sdas but.....
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