Post a Video

How do you post a video here? Not a link or shared video. Like a personal video. Like drag and drop. Is that even possible.

AVR-Pioneer SC99
Adcom 585
Polk R-700
Rear- RT150
Side- RT150
Sub-Rythmik audio F25
Player- Panasonic DP-UB9000
Projector- Optoma CinemaX P2
Screen- Silver Ticket Products STR Series 6 120"

Audio Room 2ch rig.
Cary AE-3, Onkyo M-504, Marantz SA8005, NAD-C510

Wharfedale - Linton, SVS SB12-NSD

Minis Forum PC (streamer) and Panamax MX5105

Headphone rig;

Schiit JOTUNHEIM and different headphones.

Samsung 42" flat screen TV.