Marantz PM 5004 Integrated

For Quick Sale - Functions perfect with 2 specific cosmetic issues-marks on top of the unit. Not unbearable but you can notice them. Also, the RCA connections in the back aren't in the best shape. Again, nothing unbearable but a bit annoying. I found a higher level Marantz I want in my sec. system.
$150 plus actual shipping via PP Friend Option.
Pics coming later...


  • baldrige
    baldrige Posts: 6
    Howdy, this sounds nice. What kind of trouble do the RCA connections have?
  • skrol
    skrol Posts: 2,990
    I have one of these amps and the matching CD player. They are elegant looking and have a very sweet Marantz sound. Surprisingly so for the entry system. The phono stage is one of the best I've heard in a receiver or integrated. Team the amp with a Marantz CD player and it us a very nice system.

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  • I just play vinyl but this thing seems more than capable of playing anything with quality
  • kevhed72
    kevhed72 Posts: 4,371
    baldrige wrote: »
    Howdy, this sounds nice. What kind of trouble do the RCA connections have?
    . The RCA connections work fine they are just "pitted" a bit and not as shiny as new. I was unable to get any pics taken before I left on a work trip but will be able to Saturday.

  • I'd like to get this. I sent a message.
  • kevhed72
    kevhed72 Posts: 4,371
    Folks I am going to hold off on selling this now due other priorities.
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