ATMOS speakers

About to install a 7.2.4 layout. I got a pair of 90-RTs and a pair of 70-RTs for a great deal, so that is what I'm using for the ATMOS speakers. My question is, which should I put in front and which in rear? My first thought was to put the 90s in front, but, then, I thought maybe rear would need more bass support. The rest of the system consists of RTi-a7s and CSi-A6 up front, RTi-A3s for surround and RCi55s for back and two PSW 505s. Marantz AV7702 MKII and Rotel RMB-1075 and RMB-1066.


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    During setup set all speakers to small then set the crossover to 80hz. doing this it won't matter which are in front or rear. Then save some $$$$ for a real sub. SVS or HSU will be a lot better than a pair of 505's.
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    I'm more concerned about the bass frequencies whose source can be identified (80-250Hz) and not sub-bass. I've decided to put the 90s in front since front sound is more discernable than rear. If there is a noticeable deficiency in the back, I'll just get a couple more 90s. (I won't be able to swap them because of mounting hole size difference)
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    bass up front most of the time is going to be more realistic sounding. especially if behind you it too close, you could hear distortion more easily.
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