Repairing SL-2500

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Hi, first time poster with a question.

SL-2500 from a 5JR series 2 gets no reading on the speaker terminals, but there is a reading when I touch the metal contact plate inner stubs after separating the main unit from the outer plastic dome plate. However, did I destroy the tweeter by doing that? Cleaning the speaker terminals did no good before separation. I can see two copper strands on the outer plastic dome plate and one (maybe two) strands on the main unit -- were these supposed in contact/connected to each other? Did I inadvertently pull the strands apart when I removed the outer plastic dome plate?




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    Looks like that tweeter was cooked. Midwest Speaker sells replacements, the RDO198, which is a better tweeter anyway. Get one for each speaker.
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    I'm interested in the old magnets if you're not going to keep them.