Jamming with a favorite grandson

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My 14-year old guitar prodigy grandson, Dylan, spent the day with me today. He got his hands on a few guitar types he had yet to be exposed to and loved it (me too!)
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The hollow body electrics were a real eye opener for him and he played them beautifully. Everyone else in the house was gone, so the neighbors got a free concert. :) What a great day! I let him borrow the Fender Coronado II for awhile.


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    Nice guitar's 🎸, You got to be a proud Grandpa and a cool Grandpa all in the same day, cherish these times from one Gpa to another, the proud I get to enjoy often but both Cool and proud Gpa.. Priceless!.. :)
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    Thanks for sharing. You are truly blessed. Love yours. D
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    Thanks all for the comments.

    I've had the Tele I gave Dylan "back in the shop" since Saturday. Poor child is cursed with perfect pitch and can hear 1 to 2 cents out of intonation. I've blind tested him and it's true. It makes him particularly nuts on the G string when fretting Ab, A and Bb in a chord. So, I put a Black Tusq nut on it yesterday. I can get the G fluttering between perfect and 1 cent sharp while fretting the above mentioned notes. I'm going to blind test him again. If he can hear that, I give up! For reference, the average ear cannot distinguish flat or sharp of 3 cents or less. I also put a Black Tusq string tree on the B and e for good measure. No stickage tuner to bridge. Great $11 investment. Thanks Canada!

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