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Hi all. I need a preamp for my Carver AV505. I need at least Pro Logic, as this will be mainly for movie watching. I've only got about $150 to $200 to spend. Someone please help me out. Thanks.

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  • MSkeezerMSkeezer Posts: 1,185
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    I found a NAD 117 on Ebay for $160 shipped. Only problem is that there are a few small scratches on the front which can be fixed. It doesn't have a tuner, but I don't need one. I went and used the BUY IT NOW option. Did I make a good choice? I emailed the seller about the remote. He didn't mention it in the ad, so I'm hoping it comes with one...
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    Clean out your PM box... BTW, your Carver should be fine for the 7's...
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