(Almost) Spring cable cleaning

Finally gone 2 channel only and have some extra cables not in use. Wanted to put them up here in hope some Polkies can get some use out of them. If the prices are out of line, please let me know. It's been a while since I've sold any gear.

Audioquest Columbia 72v DBS .75m RCA's - $120 shipped - Condition: 7/10

Audioquest Diamondback 1m RCA's - $75 shipped - Condition 7/10 w/original box

Signal Cable Analog Two 1m RCA's - $30 shipped - Condition 8/10

Belkin PureAV Silver Series 2m RCA's - $20 shipped - Condition 8/10

Zu Wax speaker cables 10ft pair - $75 shipped - Zu copper spades on speaker end, bare wire on amp end. **These were used with an old Denon integrated from the 80's that couldn't accept spades so I clipped the spades. Bare wires have been polished periodically with a polishing cloth and cleaned with deoxit as well.

Cardas Quadlink power cable 5ft, 15amp 90 degree iec plug - $100 shipped - Condition 7/10

Pangea AC9 mkii power cable 1m - $60 shipped - Condition 8/10

Will definitely do package deals if anybody wants more than one item. Paypal F&F and only Polkies with more than 100 posts. All items will ship the next day after payment.


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