OH MY.... 7's

I had my 1982 Monitor 7's (peerless /mw6500) crossovers updated by @lawdogg with sonicaps and Mills resistors. I can't believe how well they sound. From my understanding from others on CP, they will sound even better (I have a hard time believing that because of how well they sound now) I wanted to acknowledge and thank Ryan (lawdogg) for his willingness to help out a person he has never met. And to all the people on this forum who help out others like me, thank you.
M7's 1982 Peerless tweeters
M5's X2 (1981 Peerless tweeters, 1988 with upgraded tweeters)
M4's X2 both with Peerless tweeters
M5Jr with SL1500 (in the garage, they sound great)
M4.6 series2 X2 with upgraded tweeters
SDA 2 with upgraded tweeters