Revox A77 restoration



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    There's been some recent progress on reducing the "grumbling" sound of the capstan motor on the deck I've been refurbishing. This effort became a tale of two motors. One motor was from my parts collection which I sent to an eBay seller who claimed to be able to restore, using proprietary techniques, Revox capstan motors. This process became a bit of, "the dog ate my homework" and as a result I began losing faith. So, on to "plan B". I bought a Mark IV capstan motor from a source located in Belgium that I have received. The reason for the IV version of the motor is that they use two sintered bronze bearings instead of the earlier motors which use a combination of ball bearing and sleeve bearings. It is felt these later motors tend to be quieter. However they require a different lubricant than the earlier versions. So, I have ordered from Nagravox in Australia a bearing overhaul kit and a new tachometer sensor which should arrive soon.
    Before that I needed to build a motor mounting jig to hold the motor while removing the rotor. I used some scrap wood and built this.


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    Here is the motor in place in the jig.

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    I have heard from the eBay seller that he finished the motor (after a little prodding from eBay) and has shipped it yesterday. So, good news, hopefully.
    I have received a set of upper and lower front panels from Sweden and have polished the upper panel so I can replace the one I now have with a less battered version.
    The overhaul kit from Nagravox seems to be waiting in Sydney for an available air cargo flight. No worries, mate!
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    At the beginning of covid i had to wait for more than 3 months for a set of rectifier tubes. It was a two week quarantine before it could be loaded on the ship and once at our port another 2 weeks of quarantine plus time in transit on the boat and transit to my house. Times have gotten much better now.
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    The eBay seller has sent me some photos of the motor.

  • This is a photo of a stock Revox B77 (the successor to the A77):


    This is a photo showing the work of a company who has made replacement faceplates and cabinet: