HDMI cables questions.....

It seems some Audioquest hdmi cables are on sale. But all the names are confusing.....
From bottom to top, looks like it's Pearl, Forest, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Carbon and Vodka
But there are also AQ cables sold at BestBuy, such as Ocean and Sky
So simply put, which one would be the best compromise price/quality (for 4k movies)?
Would it be the Forest? How the Ocean or Sky from BB would compare then?

RTiA5 + CSiA4
No surround...yet
Still looking for a receiver


  • pitdogg2
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    Cinnamon, Chocolate are the sweet spot for Audioquest HDMI.
    I'd pass on the Best Buy models. They're basically cheaper versions for high profit at best buy. They have just a touch of silver for marketing.

    Cinnamon is a fantastic cable and if you have a bit more money to spend get the chocolate. I've used both and find the chocolate a bit better. I could live with all cinnamon cables.