What receiver should I look for for my older Series 2 monitor surround?

I bought a house with an awesome, pre-wired, Polk surround system. There is right, center, left, and 2 mounted surrounds. Previous owner has all the wires separated beautifully and I would like to tap into this. I just want to be sure whatever Amp I buy will be compatible with these speakers 🔊. Thanks! My hope is to buy something second hand but good enough.


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  • BlueFoxBlueFox Posts: 14,182
    LOL. I didn't notice that disaster. :)
    Lumin X1 file player
    Sony XA-5400ES SACD
    Pass XP-22 pre, X600.5 amps
    Magico S5 MKII Mcast Rose speakers, SPOD spikes

    Shunyata Triton v3/Typhon QR on source, Denali 2000 (2) on amps
    Shunyata Sigma XLR analog ICs, Sigma speaker cables
    Shunyata Sigma HC (2), Sigma Analog, Sigma Digital, Z Anaconda (3) power cables

    Mapleshade Samson V.3 four shelf solid maple rack, Micropoint brass footers
    Three 20 amp circuits.
  • Thanks guys. I now have a clue and will fix those wire ends before any power goes through them. Good catch!
  • I Googled AVR receivers. More research to come. Just getting started on this project.
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