Hts 10 auto on

Recently purchased a hts 10 as part of the s50 package. Auto on wasnt working properly, tried all options lfe+main, sub on in all settings, used higher levels/cutoff. Was having to power cycle to activate sub. Returned unit to store and have been given a replacement, hope it was just a defective unit.


  • Exact thing happened to me. I had to return the replacement as well. Tried everything, and same results. Hooked up my old psw10 which also has standby and it worked perfectly. Anyways, I gave up on that model.
  • Sadly the replacement failed for me too. It seems that the 12v trigger is the solution, unfortunately my receiver doesnt support 12v trigger. Waiting for a response from the store to see where we go as this was part of a package purchase.
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