Simple system that you really enjoy

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I spend at least 50hrs a week in my home office and I always have music on in the background and between meetings turn it up for more listening enjoyment.

It’s a simple set up with a Yamaha A-S501, Auralic Aries Mini and 703s. Not as nice as my main rig nor those of many on this forum but it sure sounds good in my office.

What’s your favorite simple 2-channel rig?

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Yamaha A-S501, Auralic Aries Mini, LSiM 703s

Douglas Connection ICs and Cables


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    • piCorePlayer with HiFiBerry DAC+
      out to
    • Schiit Magni 3 as a preamp
      out to
    • Audioengine HD3 speakers sitting on 2 sets of Sound Addicted foam pads
      out to
    • Sunfire SDS-8 sub

    It's gotta be one of my favorite systems for immersive sound while working at the computer. Sounds good for background too.
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    My simple system .....

    B&K ex-442 amp I’ve had since new , Yamaha wxc-50 streamer and Boston Acoustics Voyager 7’s for the pool !
    Best pool system I’ve ever heard !


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    B&K EX-442 ( it will go in my casket when I die ... ) , PS Audio 4.6 preamp ( old school , but it still jams on ... ) , Eversolo DMP-A6 , Boston Acoustic voyager 7’s - POOL

    Parasound A21, Eversolo DMP-A8 , Kimber Kable 4vs , Ascend Acoustics ELX Ribbon Towers , Sony XBR-A8F 65” OLED - DEN , MAIN system

    Onkyo TX-nr609 , Polk atrium 7 , Boston acoustic sound ware (4) , Boston acoustic sub , B&W center , Sharp 65” TV - PATIO
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    Oh, speaking of Boston Acoustics...

    In the garage, I have a set of Boston Acoustics 2.1 computer speakers from my first computer in 1998 plugged into the headphone jack of a Squeezebox Touch.

    I had to replace the subwoofer driver back in 2010 - dry rotted foam surround - but should be good to go for another 12yrs!
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    My shed system. I smoke cigars in here, my last cigars. Giving them up for Eddie.
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    Pioneer SX-737 running a Polk CS 350 for the garage
    Pioneer SX-S30 running a pair of Yamaha Natural Sound all weather speakers for the pool
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    Mine is simple in terms of the signal path. Just lots of options upstream.
    Loudspeakers can't get more simple in that the XOs are all first order (although, there is an active subwoofer, too... but it does have an on/off switch!).

    Speaking of "simple" (and of @tonyp063's system pictured above), I've been off of the "fullrange" driver bandwagon for a long time -- even though I periodically do like to pull out a pair and play around a bit :)

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    Altecs in my office would cause Krieger & Ames to crumble worse than they already are @mhardy6647 :-)

    It's simple. And I learned things. But most of all, I enjoy it.
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    heh, heh, heh...
    I shoulda recognized the cinderblock :)


    (not the last time I was down there... but one of the last times I was down there: Dec. 2011)
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    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    ...I've been off of the "fullrange" driver bandwagon for a long time -- even though I periodically do like to pull out a pair and play around a bit :)

    That's what she said! :p

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    A simple 2-channel system that I've been enjoying lately in a 12' x 14' office includes an old Onkyo TX-822 receiver with a minty pair of Polk Monitor 5Jr+ placed in the room's corners. I mostly play Spotify through it for music or iHeart radio for my talk radio/podcast faves (much clearer than OTA radio stations). Really nice sounding little system!

    To mix it up, I sometimes switch out the 5Jr+ pair for a pair of Polk VM10s (don't get much love around here) seated on my desk. With the VM10s, my Martin Logan Dynamo 700W sub is a necessity. Another great sounding little system! The VM10s - with sub, of course - do a better job for near-field listening, IMHO.
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    My guilty little pleasure system: MiniWatt amp and a pair of vintage Optimus LX-4 speakers.

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    afterburnt wrote: »

    Maybe I should have said ,Yamaha R-N303, Polk Monitor 40 II, and a Sony Blew Ray that can play SACD's. Getting my monies worth out of those speakers, first pair of Polks after the T15's I cooked.
  • CottageChz
    Dayens Menuetto and Lsim703s. Sounds great with a lot of stuff I’ve tried, but especially a LUMIN D1. Unfortunately boxed up for the moment until I get my basement done, but then I will use them a lot.
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    My workshop system... Denon DRA-835R, Fiio X5 iii, EPI M50, Energy 8" sub. This system mesmerizes me even in these adverse conditions.

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    Other stuff:
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    A very simple system. Emotiva Airmotiv 5 powered monitors connected to the audio out of the deskside tower under the desk.

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    For quite some time I'm at work 10 hours a day. I have a pair of Infinity 5000a's powered by a Yamaha R-S201 receiver with and an ipod when FM gets stale.

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    Marantz 2238B and Polk Monitor 5 Peerless with Chromecast Audio streaming whatever.3pirf9n3jd4d.jpg
    2 Channel
    Polk 1.2tl's Modded with dreadnought
    Musical Fidelity M6Si
    North Star Intenso Dac
    Auralic Aries Mini Streamer
    Oppo 103
    Pangea PC
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    Wireworld Equinox 7 Speaker Cables and Jumpers

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    My bedroom 2-channel setup:

    Polk 5jr+ with upgraded tweeter, harmon/kardon HK395i 30w receiver, a Kyocera DA-310cx CD player, with streaming of the iPad.

    Yamaha R-V901 Receiver * Kyocera DA-310cx CD Player * Polk Audio 5JR+ Series I Speakers with RD-0198 Tweeters & Dynamat Xtreme * Schiit MODI+ DAC, Apple iPad Mini 5
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    Keces E-40 integrated amp/USB Dac (asynchronous); Pangea USB and power cable; Qobuz player on desk top computer; Canare 4S11 speaker cables w/banana's and Polk Audio Reserve 200's on 28" Pangea stands.

    Sounds fantastic!!!


    P.s. The dimensions are skewed by the camera angle. The speakers sit higher than they look.
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