Looking for an LSi9 crossover

Had these speakers for years. Last week, my cat decides to try and jump on it. Knocks it off the stand and the impact caused all 4 posts of the crossover to break and one of the ceramic resistors to break as well. :(
I'm going to try and epoxy the board back together and re-solder the lower driver speaker wire but I'm not optimistic.
If anyone has one of these crossovers, let me know.


  • F1nut
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    You and @cmartinez should split a pair of used LSi9's.
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  • This is has not been a good week or so for the 9's. :/
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    Super glue!
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  • Fixing the LSi9 crossover is a pretty easy task, I can walk you through.
  • caryb
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    Just getting back on here after 6-8 months away. I am pretty sure that my Lsi9 crossovers need a rebuild. I live in Cozumel Mexico, so not only is it a pain to get parts shipped here, finding someone to do the work that has experience and proper equipment to do the testing is really down to only one person. He tested my crossovers about 9 months ago (he had them for a month) and said everything was within spec. But now , after doing my elimination processes, I may have tweeter issues and I need to find two of those, but I am 90 % sure that my crossovers got damaged and or degraded, little by little over time, but recently after a 100 % blast from my amp, (Acurus A 2002) when I unmuted without checking the volume level, I imediately had a big change in sound.... just the tweeters One speaker had almost no volume on the tweeter and the other was lower than normal and was not pretty. I took the tweeters out , hooked them up to an old set of Polk Monitor series speakers using the crossover in those and had some volumn increase and better sound, but again , not pretty. (these were 8 ohh, not 4, but is all I had. I guess I need a list of what to buy /where to buy the cap / resitors that would be considered essential to replace for these Lsi9 speakers purchased new by me, in December , 2014. Maybe someone could answer : My tweeters read 3.2 with multimeter set to ohms. Can tweeters have a reading "in spec", and still sound bad, if the crossovers are ok?
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    Well after getting hit with a 100% blast from the amp ( which may have been a severely clipped signal) you cannot say they are "within spec" now. Resistors get cooked voice coils get tweeked etc.