For Spotify use—Chromecast Audio + Cambridge 851D or Auralic Vega G1?

I’m currently using ChromeCast Audio device to stream Spotify to a Cambridge Audio 851D DAC...then to an integrated amp (Musical Fidelity M6Si). Will there be any noticeable sound improvement if I upgrade all the way to an Auralic Vega G1(or even G2) just to stream audio from Spotify?

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  • I had the Cambridge 851N and used Tidal with it for a few weeks. Recently, I found a 851D for a good price and connected a Chromecast Audio device to it. I couldn’t detect any significant difference while listening to “master” songs on Tidal so I kept the cheaper set up. I understand that the DAC is the same in both units. Now I’m just wondering if the upgrading the DAC and streamer will yield any more improvement in streaming Spotify and Tidal.
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    Could be other things downstream that are preventing your lack of differentiation on sources. Doesn't make a lot of sense to buy a $2,000+ DAC if you are using $50 lamp cord for speaker wire (for example).
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  • Thank you. I’ll hold off upgrading the streamer/DAC until I can get my hands on better speaker cables (currently using blue jeans cables).
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    What are your speakers, interconnects, power cables? And what amp and preamp are you using?
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    Stock power cables.
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    Biggest thing you could do to improve your sound quality is to ditch Spotify and go with either Tidal or Qobuz ...
    Spotify really sucks .....

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