Audioquest Niagra 1200

I knew I wanted one for quite a while and seems to take me quite a while to do anything!

This baby arrived today and I went with the AQ Monsoon power cable and it added it to the 2 channel set up in my bedroom. Delighted to say the least and I'm not good with tech terms so all I can add is that the 1200 is a welcome add to my system big time and very glad I added it. The clarity at louder volumes is so obvious and the bass is a lot tighter. If anyone is looking for one of these all I can say is just do it! It lives up to any hype you might have heard and then some. I'm already planning on adding another to our living room set up. On a side note, they are so back ordered it's not funny. Looking like Christmas gift for my wife! I hope she's as excited as I'll be when she opens the box! Thanks Joe and Drew for staying on me to get this thing. Gave my rig a nice boost to what was already an amazing sounding system!
"if it's not fun, it's not worth it & remember folks, "It's All About The Music"!!


  • joecoulson
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    Glad you got it Johnny.
    Mikey can attest, the whole line of Niagara's are just amazing and add so much to setups.
    Love mine. That why I spent so much $$ on my upgrade within the line.
    Congrats brother.
  • Clipdat
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    Very nice, glad you were able to hear the immediate and obvious change that it brings to the table!
  • Thanks you Two! Glad I took the advice, and while I’m sure there are other choices out there this one blew me away. The PS Audio Dectec was my first decent unit but this is on a whole different level! Everything plugged into it was given a new life so if it’s a noticeable boost in your rig you are looking for and hopefully you have a dedicated 20amp line in place, this not too expensive piece of gear is well worth it!
    "if it's not fun, it's not worth it & remember folks, "It's All About The Music"!!
  • Emlyn
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    Just got one of these Niagara 1200s in today. Will put it through its paces over the next couple weeks. I had an old PS Audio P1000 that appears to have blown out a cap or something else is leaking from it. Whatever it was it was sending out a fatality message on the front panel. Also have a P500 but that doesn't have enough outlets on it.

    They still seem to be having trouble keeping up with production and demand for the 1200.
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  • Jetmaker737
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    I picked one up in early Feb. They had been out of stock since just after Christmas and after I snagged mine they were out of stock next day. Got mine at Crutchfield. But same situation at MD and AA. Congrats on picking one up!
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