Polk Audio SDA SRS 2.3 - Crossover Replacements?

Hi guys! I have a set of original SDA SRS 2.3(tl?) here, that my father gave me. They're original stock. I'm wondering if they may need a crossover replacement. The bass response is poor in a specific frequency range - it takes a significant EQ boost below 50hz or so in order to sound correct. Once boosted, though, they sound fantastic.

So, just a couple of questions I'm hoping you can give me thoughts on:
1) Are these 2.3 or 2.3Tl? There's no labels or anything obvious, though I haven't taken them apart to see if there's any interesting labels inside.
2) Would a crossover upgrade fix this problem and generally improve evenness of frequency response?
2b) I'm well versed in digital circuitry, but analog stuff (like audio!) I'm terrible at. I can solder things just fine, but I'd love to buy a pre-assembled replacement crossover that would be suitable (if answer to (2) is yes). Is there such a place I could buy something, or is there someone that custom makes them? What kind of price range would I be looking at?
3) Any other general thoughts on keeping a 35-year-old pair of speakers running well? They're in gorgeous shape, my father was the original owner.

PS. Did y'all see that the SDA line was reintroduced? L800, $3000. If these speakers of mine didn't have so much sentimental value I'd give them a try!

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and suggestions. Cheers!



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    well first off get them out from the side walls. They need minimum 3 feet of clearance from side walls and in my room I have them 4" off the back wall. 4 to 6 inches away from the back wall is the sweet spot you'll need to experiment. Second put spikes on them. Factory feet inserts are 1/4 x 20 tpi so start there.

    Third and most importantly tell us about the system your driving them with, what amp what are your source material ? they need a HIGH current amp to really come alive and to control all the drivers.

    There is not really any "pre-assembled" crossovers that you can buy. There are a couple here who do the work for you so that would be the only way to get pre-assembled XO to drop in but there will still be some work on your end.

    Those are 2.3 the donut drivers and the SL2000 tweeters are a dead give away.
    the first upgrade I'd do is call Polk and ask for 6 RD-0194 tweeters they are leaps better and smoother than the SL2000 tweeters.

    I own the 2.3tl and I have done thousands of dollars in upgrades on mine but even stock they WAY energized a room full of bass if given the right amplifier to run with. My room is on a concrete slab and the bass felt coming through the floor and into my seating position was more than enough.

    Lastly your room could very well be sucking many frequencies out so there is that to consider.

    Also from the picture it appears you have the left speaker on the right side, which will negatively affect the sound and the whole concept of what SDA is all about... They are LEFT and RIGHT speakers for a good reason
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    Yes, a crossover upgrade can dramatically improve your speakers, along with other upgrades such as new binding posts, upgraded internal wiring, modified internal damping etc. One option would be to contact westmassguy on this forum (DHS Speaker Service). He rebuilt the crossovers on my vintage Polks (1980 RTA-12's) and can walk you through the various capacitor options and other modifications/upgrades. He does very careful and meticulous work.
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    In addition, you have the left and right speakers reversed.

    FYI, the L800 speakers are $6,000.00 for the pair.
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