Qobuz Hi-Res/CD Free Downloads

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I don't stream on-line but am always up for downloading free offerings. Must create an account but no CC required. This is the second round of freebees I've received in the past year.


"Download free distinguished albums. Whatever you’re planning for the summer holiday, heading to the beach, travelling through the country, or simply working, you’ll need good music. Check out this selection of albums by Qobuz that you can download for free, in Hi-Res quality (FLAC 24-Bit) and CD (FLAC 16-Bit).

Simply add one, several, or all the albums to your cart, log in (or create an account if you don’t have one already), and the albums are yours! Once they are on your account, you can download them on any device at any time and enjoy them on the go. Don’t wait: these albums are only available for free through August 15th only. Need more information? Find out the answer to all your questions on this initiative here.

Get it here: https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/search?q=summer-music-gifts&qbzs=summermusicgifts&qbzc=crm&m_i=ql0PcHgENlvLIoKCtb+U1PikFZGKuAljZ9hmvDPbQQHA5L_SgNTDj5eIVhHveggr+AwkTdIYyoyYXfbF7JUQBA0HmB99cs

Screen capture of the albums:
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