RTi-A9 Bi-Wiring Set-Up

Alton T
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Hello Forum/Guys. :)
I love the POLK AUDIO RTi-A9s .
One of my biggest aspect of "Home Audio/Enthusiast", is fussing around to get the sounds "Just Right"..
I liked the "Brightness", that the A9's are said to be.
I like to hear the bright/crisp sounds of the cymbals/traps, etc...
I also wanted to have good, clean, Deep Bass, for the Jazz Trio's Double Bass low notes.

I bought the YAMAHA A-S801 (100 w/ch ), because of the "Natural Sound" reputation.
I was using the B&K ST202. ( That Amplifier really opened up ( Sound wise) the A9's. )
The YAHAMA Amp has A + B Speaker outputs.
I bought 10 Gauge Speaker Cables, choosing the "If little is good, more is Better" Theory, rather than the other technical reasoning.. :#

I am running TWO 10 Gauge Speaker Cables to each Speaker.

The YAMAHA has Ohm Impedance Selector Switch.

1) I notice the whole Frequency/Sound moved one level downward. Meaning,
I lost the Brightness/Highs. The A9's do not sound as "Bright" as before.

2) The whole mid range came louder, like, more details.

3) The Bass is deeper. I can feel the little vibrations at the bottom of my feet.
And, not "Booming" , but, smooth and, like, more quality in the sounds.

4) I was wondering, if the Amp can keep up with the Musics loudness, as,
When got deep Bass, seems like the mids and highs come softer.
Is the lower Binding Post /Crossovers taking more of the Power?
and, giving less to the upper Post Connected Speakers?
Can this happen?

5) The Amplifier's Output terminals and internal wiring are smaller Gauges .
The internal Wiring of the A9 speakers are smaller Gauge wires too.
Is this the Garden Hose situation?
Where I still would have the same "Pressure" ,and, now, with added Volume?

6) What is happening in the speakers, that makes it decide who or where the Power is going?
Does the Bass/low frequencies/lower Binding Post, have priority to take the power before the mids and High frequencies?

"Ignorance is not a bad word, but, it does cause a lot of Problems" - Alton T.
( One of my favorite sayings :) )
And, I am ignorant. :# , so, I ask..

Thanks for viewing,
Alton T. :)


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