WTB: Polk RT3000p set. RTA 15tl’s for trade if interested.

burialcloudburialcloud Posts: 7
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Looking for a set of RT3000p’s. I’m located in central IL. Willing to travel.

I have a set of good condition stock RTA 15TL’s that I’d consider trading.


  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 44,812
    Do you really want a pair of speakers with a power amps that are going to fail and leave you wishing you kept the RTA15TL?
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  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 8,302
    Maybe he's a glutton for punishment.
  • burialcloudburialcloud Posts: 7
    So from what I’ve gathered on the amps, they need maintenance every so often and are more prone to fail if heavily used.

    I’ll be using these only for music and maybe 5-10 hours a week average tops. Probably less. I won’t be using these for home theatre and my listening levels are actually pretty much low to moderate.I don’t ever really crank things. So these really won’t be be getting pushed by any means. I’m sure a HT setup really pushes subs, but I won’t be doing that.

    Another reason I think this would be a good choice for me is I’m gonna be using a sansui au-6600 amp which is only 42 watts per channel. Running just tops with 42 watts seems better than running the whole 15 towers and probably starving them.

    If an amp did fail I’m near Chicago and I’m up there monthly for band stuff. I read there is someone in Chicago who repairs the amps in these regularly.

    The biggest reason I’m switching though is what was brought up in the other thread I posted about this. My room limitations only give me about a foot or so off the back wall. Maybe a foot and a half absolute tops. The 15’s, being notoriously bad up against a wall because of the rear bass radiator, seem like probably just not a good choice for me. From what I read the 3000’s still need to be away from walls but it’s not gonna be quite as bad.

    I did take your suggestion and ordered spikes. They should be here next week.

    Am I gathering from these responses that folks think the rt15tls are overall better speakers than the 3000’s or is it it just the amps that turn people off? I haven’t heard the 3000’s. So I’m just going off the great reviews, and that they are similar to what I have (and like) but might actually work quite a bit better for my space limitations.

    Does my reasoning make sense or am I way off base?

    I am definitely a glutton for punishment though. 🙃

  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 8,302
    The problem is the amp failure isn't necessarily related to usage pattern. It can happen to people who use it extremely sparingly like once a week, even if it just sits in standby mode. So I guess if you've already factored the cost of the replacement amp service into your decision then go for it.
  • RicardoRicardo Posts: 10,567
    The 15 TL are much better speakers with some changes to the crossovers. Yes, back walls are bad, but from your comment on your listening levels I'd say that wouldn't be a problem for you. If it was me, I'd update the crossovers (There's a couple of threads on that) and get some more juice.
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