Marantz NR1504, PM8006, Emotiva XPA 1l

I want to hook up LSiM 703 to the PM8006 and some Monitor 70 to the Emo amps (wineter only they is hot). 1504 pre outs to PM8006 to 703 (A/B?). PM8006 pre outs to Emos to Monitor. Will this work?


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    Pre outs don't defeat the AB right?
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    I believe, generally, running through two volume pots is frowned upon. I have done it before though to incorporate a 2 channel preamp into a HT setup that didn't have HT bypass and it worked. I ran the center and surrounds off AVR then went AVR front preouts to 2 channel preamp regular input then to B&K amp. Use a db meter app to get the second volume pot equal to the speakers running off the AVR.

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    Yes so it looks like the Marantz pm8006 has a power amp direct input which should bypass the volume and allow the avr to control the volume. And no, using the preouts won’t defeat the amp section: otherwise how would you use a sub with it?
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