Missing Bass, Subwoofer Polarity and LSi15 speakers ...

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Hi all!

I joined your forum to primarily to post this observation, in case it helps anyone.

I just picked a pair of used (but PRISTINE) LSi15 towers. Man they are gorgeous, and dang they are heavy and tough to move around, especially into a tight area lol ...

I see there's an AudioReview post that someone made over a decade ago (which is mentioned in some old threads here) re: these speakers recommending switching the polarity on one's sub(s) to 180 from 0 when using with the LSi15's, if you feel bass is lacking.

Well I did feel that ... My dual sealed JBL 10's strangely needed to be turned UP after pairing them with the LSi15's in order to have similar bass quantity to what they had when I was running them with a couple smallish (single 6.5 in woofer) standmount speakers. Which seemed quite odd since I now have 2x8" speakers instead of 2x6.5", in much larger enclosures vs. what I had before.

So taking that advice, I flipped the polarity on the subs to 180, and BOOM. Literally a night and day difference. The missing bass was back, and with a vengeance. I notice nothing 'going missing' in response to this switch either, but I'll be experimenting to be certain.

Note that these are all front-wall aligned LSi-SW-Stand with gear-SW-LSi, with the sub drivers also facing the listening area.

I'm sure that it could vary with different rooms/setups but for my rig there's no question whatsoever which is 'right'. The 8" drivers in the Polks are clearly in opposite phase from my subs, which needed to be accounted for.

So far other than this little glitch ... wow. These sound awesome!

Powering them ATM with an old school Denon 4702R ... which is a pretty dang ballsy amp for a receiver (there's a pretty big Toroidal in this puppy). Probably have to bust out the old Adcom GFA-555 here though (200x2 at 8 Ohm, 2 Ohm stable) just to see if it does any sort of magic, but as it stands now this 4702R is holding it's own pretty well.

Diggin' them. Esp for what I paid for the speakers, totally pristine, with all original packaging, delivered to my living room ... a bit under 5 bills.

Cheers all!
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