Recommendations for a DVD player?

Hi, nascent DVD collector here. Apologies in advance if this post is off-topic for the sub; y'all just seemed like the best people to ask about this!

Previously, I've used my laptop's built-in DVD player to watch stuff, but the old beast has finally kicked the bucket and the replacement I'm going to buy can't play DVDs. So, I'm looking for an alternative and could really use some recommendations.

I have a TV with an antenna and an Amazon Fire stick, so I don't need a fancy DVD player with streaming capabilities and all that. Ideally, I'm looking for a simple machine that could plugged into a TV without much trouble. (Do such things even exist anymore?) Alternatively, I'm also open to portable DVD players if any really good ones exist out there.

How do y'all watch your DVDs? Any recommendations, either general or specific, are greatly appreciated!
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