Torn between...

I've been I die-hard SVS fan from day 1. Recently I've been thinking of upgrading my dual PB12-Plus/2's to the newer Dual PB16-Ultra's. With all the newer tech into the newer subs like everything runs through apps, etc. I think it would be a lateral move. Then I started researching JTR speakers. The Captivator RS2 has certainly caught my interest. Of course I'd run duals which would equate to 4-18" drivers with 8000 watts of power in sealed enclosures. Of course it's roughly $2000 more than dual PB16's which I'm sure I would never have a need for more bass. Room is roughly 18'x24' with 8.5' ceiling and roughly 3,672 cu.ft. Would the JTR's just be way too much for that size room? Would I see that much of an improvement over the dual PB12's by going with the PB16's? Pretty sure the PB16's would have no problem pressurizing the room due to the PB12's still do a fine job? What are you guys thoughts?
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